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Dean Bainbridge, the Principal Solicitor of Bainbridge Legal, has been awarded specialist accreditation in the area of family law from the New South Wales Law Society. With seven law degrees and more than 20 years experience, you can trust Dean Bainbridge to deliver the very best of results for your family law matter.

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Bainbridge Legal - Blacktown's most experienced family law solicitors. Call Bainbridge Legal today to book your free initial appointment. We provide expert legal services to families in Blacktown and surrounding suburbs. We understand that dealing with family law matters can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. This is why we maintain a strong team of competent and highly experienced family lawyers. If you live in Blacktown and are currently dealing with a family matter, we recommend engaging Blacktown Family Lawyers to resolve your case.

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Bainbridge Legal has extensive experience across all areas of family law. We bring each client a combination of specialised knowledge and expert perspectives. Whether you are having problems with negotiating financial settlements or child custody issues, our experienced family law solicitors are here to help. Our team of family lawyers in Blacktown know that dealing with complex family law matters can be incredibly stressful, so we aim to keep the entire process as painless as possible, supporting you from beginning to end.

Experts in all areas of family law

Our team of family law solicitors have experience in all types of family law issues including divorce and de facto relationship matters, property settlement and child custody disputes. Bainbridge Legal is an established law firm of family law solicitors in Blacktown with a recognised skill for handling delicate family matters, dispute resolution, and other legal services. Our specialist family lawyers have a consistent record of achieving favourable outcomes and giving expert legal advice from our Blacktown office. As divorce solicitors, we are a supportive team who can help guide you to the best decisions for your family, offering expert legal advice with a friendly approach.

Divorce Lawyers

Managing the break-down of a marriage can be challenging, so you must choose divorce lawyers who are able to help you make strategic decisions. If your family law matter results in litigation before the courts, our Blacktown family lawyers will do everything possible to achieve a positive result. Divorce proceedings in court can go on for a long time, particularly if your matter is complex and involves assets such as property, pensions, and businesses. We offer the full suite of family law services, from prenuptial binding financial agreements to court orders for child custody. Our team of expert family lawyers are experienced in all family law matters.

Blacktown Family Law

Bainbridge Legal offers a specialist and expert family law service to people who are going through divorce and separation issues, marriage and de facto relationship breakdowns. We deal with all aspects of family law, for people who are married, living together, or in de facto partnerships. Our breadth of experience in family law matters enables us to offer a wide range of skills to meet your family law needs. Our highly experienced family lawyers in Blacktown offer a personal and supportive service, focusing on achieving the best possible outcome for you. Please call Family Law Blacktown to book your free initial appointment.

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Family law practice in the heart of Blacktown

Our team of experienced family law solicitors are standing by to help you with your family law issues. We regularly deal with child custody and property matters, in addition to divorce and de facto relationship separations. We can provide you with advice and representation for all family law matters, and all of our family lawyers regularly appear before the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

Parenting / Child Custody

Resolving the arrangements of where children should live after separation can be a difficult and stressful. Our family law solicitors can provide you with advice on how the court determines the best interests of the children pursuant to section 60CC of the Family Law Act 1975.


Bainbridge Legal Family Lawyers are experienced negotiators and have participated in many mediations relating to parenting and property matters. We will prepare you for your family law mediation event to ensure that you can achieve the best possible negotiated settlement.

Property Division

Asset division after separation or divorce is not automatically determined to be a 50-50. The split of assets is determined according to what is known as the 4-step process, which includes an assessment of contributions and potentially the allocation of an adjustment based on future needs.

Binding Financial Agreement

Spousal maintenance and property division can be agreed and formalised without the need for intervention by the family law courts. This is done through a legally binding document known as a financial agreement. A binding financial agreement is enforceable through the Family Law Act.

Superannuation splitting

Superannuation is an asset that can be divided (transferred from one spouse to the other) as part of a family law property settlement. In order to give effect to a superannuation split, a court order or financial agreement will be required. Procedural fairness must be afforded to the superannuation trustee.


Divorce is "no fault" in Australia. This means that either party is entitled to file for divorce (without the need for the other spouse's consent) after 12 months of separation. The Family Law Act allows for separation under the one roof. so married couple may continue to cohabitate after separation.

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Family Law is our Specialty

At Bainbridge Legal Family Law Blacktown, our expert solicitors and barristers are specialised in the practice of family law. Our Principal Solicitor, Dean Bainbridge, in an accredited specialist in the area family law and has completed a masters degree in applied family law from the College of Law. All of our senior solicitors have likewise completed a Masters of Family Law. We are a family owned and operated law practice which has been servicing the community of Blacktown & Western Sydney for many years in the area of family law.

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Dean Bainbridge
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I have used Bainbridge legal for two legal matters and they have always exceeded my expectations. Throughout my most recent experience, Linley and Dean were very supportive, professional and consistent with delivering a quality service. Linley's work was immaculate - particularly her written communications and documents. I felt that Linley gave her best efforts at every stage of our 18 month case. I highly regard all of the team at Bainbridge legal particularly Linley and Dean who dealt with my case.

Tom and Jade

Family law client

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Dean Bainbridge
Principal Solicitor
Linley Li
Senior Associate
Carly Green
Senior Associate
Zoe Wanschers
Senior Associate

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Bainbridge Legal offers an understanding, compassionate and cost effective approach to the resolution of family law matters. We take all cases, big and small. Call one of our family law solicitors today - we offer a free initial consultation during which we will provide you with a preliminary assessment of the options in your family law matter in additional to giving you an estimate of costs for the range of actions that you may choose to pursue.

Located next to Blacktown Police Station and only meters down from the Blacktown Local Court, our office is easy to find.

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Bainbridge Legal is the leading family law firm in Western Sydney and continues to serve the Blacktown community. The key to our ongoing success in family law matters is our ability to continually satisfy the various needs of our clients. Our experience and expertise in family law allows us to provide the an exceptional level of service. Our fees are cost effective and we can often offer options for 'pay at the end' arangments. We listen to our clients to understand their family law situation. We then tailor a solution based on each client's unique circumstances.

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